Thursday, March 06, 2008


St. Patrick's Day to be Green Tea Friendly

There's sacrilege involved in doing any manipulatin' of these holidays.

(That's probably what makes it so fun...) However: the laddie who started using drinking beer as an excuse for celebratin' what St. Patrick did (what did he do?)was already a wee bit on the "pushing it" side of things--don't ya think so?

[If it be true that the saint was "saintly" for slaying serpents--then the drinking might have been an understandable post-massacre enebrient to numb the brain from the environmental genocide of it all!]

Whoever added the green food color to the beer was really goin' too far... and so now I don't feel any twinge of guilt whatsoever in suggestin' that the day be moved over to tea.

I haven't done all of the footwork yet, but soon I'm certain that my letters to the ambassadors of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil will be reaching their destinations; convincing those countries to send a contingent of cultural ministers who will express and promote the non-alcoholic and stimulative reverie of party-time use of yerba mate in a gourd. It will take a little getting used to, but pubs will be able to brew it and serve it on tap as well, cask-conditioned, to give their patrons a little "taste-o-the-shamrock;" austral-style.

We already have some bartenders practicing getting a good head on the stuff and curling a deft shamrock in the top of the creamy latte foam versions (though we still be preferin' the amargo out-a the gourd don't ya know!)

It won't be on-line for this green season--however M.A.D.D. kisses the blarney stone every time we toast Here!Here! to jolly saint Patrick with mate gourds held high Clunk!Ckunk!

Have a safe Saint Patricks... and remember: Friends don't let friends drink anything but yerba mate tea!

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